Vertical Refuse Chute Refurbishment

Vertical refuse chute repair in Glasgow

CIPP – Vertical Refuse Chute Repair

Here at Invirotechâ„¢ we now offer a way to maintain, prepare and improve vertical refuse chutes. And this is done without using destructive methods, entering and fixing the chute from inside. This makes refuse chutes safer and cleaner for tenants, whilst reducing maintenance costs for landlords.

This is done by applying our no-dig CIPP technology to vertical pipes instead of horizontal ones — rehabilitating refuse shafts rather than drains. The method is deceptively simple and effective. It involves lining the existing refuse chute with a specially-developed fireproof material, and fitting redesigned, vandal-proof hopper doors at the access points.

The result is a super smooth new chute lining, clear of defects causing refuse to snag on its way down. Blockages are easily dealt with and the chute lining is cleanable and fireproof. Moreover the gaps are sealed to prevent odours, flies, smoke or fumes affecting communal landing. Using similar techniques, we carry out vertical pipe surveys and repairs for local councils and housing associations. Once surveyed with our technicians using CCTV camera equipment, we can then repair tower block downpipes using the CIPP technique utilised for drains.

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