Blocked Drains in Glasgow

Need help with blocked drains in Glasgow?

Unblocking Drains in Glasgow

With 45 years experience within the industry, we know drains inside out and understand the best most cost effective way to get the water flowing again. If you need a simple drain unblock at home or a larger scale project at your business premises, we are the team to help.

Signs of a blocked drain

  • an odious smell
  • water taking longer than usual to drain from your sink or bath
  • water rises or overflows from toilet flushing
  • gurgling sounds from the plughole when draining you sink or bath

The above checklist demonstrates the first signs of drainage trouble. Most domestic drainage problems are caused by a partial blockage which is causing your waste water to expunge much more slowly than normal. This can result in reduced flow, gurgling noises and repulsive smells from trapped waste.

24 hour drainage services


Our InviroVac™ units use powerful and advanced technology to tackle the most stubborn blockages, sewage, debris and silt, vacuuming out at a rate of 1000 cubic feet per minu

Blocked Septic Tank

Septic tank emptying is carried out by our Invirotech experts using powerful vacuumation and tankering equipment. We dispose the contents to a reputable and registered waste disposal site.

Blocked Interceptor

At Invirotech™ we can visit your site on a scheduled frequency or as a one-off collection to empty the site interceptors of oil, contaminated water and silt.